Guarding the Channels of the Supernatural

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Coming from a woman’s perspective, Guarding the Channels of the Supernatural, helps to open our understanding to the power of a God-separated life… a life we must embrace, cherish, defend, and value, so we can live under the umbrella of power and spiritual authority God intended His people to walk in.

1 review for Guarding the Channels of the Supernatural

  1. Drusilla Johnson

    I grew up in a home where the foundation of God did not exist. I was raised in a Catholic Home and my understanding of, “Holiness”, was far from the guidlines and scriptures of the Bible.

    This book was an awesome read!!! I was so hungry for this topic so that I could have a deeper understanding of what is a lifegiving principle & God’s Blessings to,”WOMEN”, of modern day standard’s. I suggest this book to all, “WOMEN”, of today who have a desire to truly be Blessed all the Days of Her Life.

    p.s. I wish that I had this knowledge growing up, I could of bypassed all the wrong mindsets this world had entrapped & entangled me in.

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