Frequently asked questions about Landmark Conference.

Is Landmark Conference a free event?

Yes! While the conference is open to the public and free of registration costs, we do ask those who attend to fill out a brief registration card that will also make you eligible to win some outstanding prizes at the end of the week. Register online HERE.

Will I be allowed to save seats for the evening sessions?

Due to the high volume of attendees at Landmark Conference each year, participants will not be allowed to save seats for our evening sessions. Anything left on the pews before 5:30pm each night will be removed and relocated to our lost and found department.

Which sessions will be live streamed?

All of our sessions will be streamed online. These services can be streamed live on our broadcast page.

I’m visiting from out of town and plan to stay overnight, which hotels are giving conference rates?

We’ve partnered with several hotels in the nearby area for discounted rates from 1/28-1/31. For a full list of hotels nearby, please see our Accommodations page. 

Will childcare be provided?

There will be childcare provided each night of the conference and Thursday AM (Christian Life Way campus) for our Toddlers (ages 2-4) and Infants (3-23 months). Space is limited and is administered on a first come/first serve basis. Pick up time will be immediately following service. 

Will Christian Life Center provide deaf interpretation and/or translation at the conference?

Yes, American Sign Language (ASL) will be offered during each session. Evening sessions will also be translated live into Spanish. A limited number of free headsets will be provided upon requests from our ushers. 

Are there any restaurants in the area accommodating the conference schedule?

Yes! For a full list of local restaurant options, please see our Accommodations page.