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Monday, Jan 14, 2008 04:14 PM
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Every January for over thirty years (since 1974), Landmark conference has convened in Stockton, California. For many years the annual event was held in the Stockton Civic Auditorium to accommodate the growing crowds that gathered for heartfelt worship and passionate preaching. Influential ministers from across the country, even other nations, have shared their burden and ministry with the congregations that gathered for Landmark. Since the construction of the new facilities on Highway 99 and Christian Life Way, Landmark conference has been hosted in the sanctuary of Christian Life Center. The entire staffs of Christian Life College and Christian Life Center cooperate to coordinate this tremendous meeting that brings in crowds exceeding five thousand participants.

This year promises to be one of the greatest Landmark conferences ever. Not only do we have the usual emphasis on the ministry of the Spirit, but the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, will partner with Christian Life Ministries to bring Global Impact to this event. Global Impact is a new initiative of the UPCI to promote personal, family, and church growth throughout the world. The purpose of the program is to inspire every congregation to double within the next decade. Numerous speakers will challenge participants on Thursday and Friday to unify for this grand purpose. See the schedule of speakers for these special-emphasis services.

General Superintendent of the UPCI and former pastor of Christian Life Center, Kenneth F. Haney, will minister in a pre-conference session on Wednesday morning. Other speakers include Wayne Huntley, pastor from Raleigh, North Carolina; Steve Willoughby, missionary to Singapore; Randy Keyes, Assistant General Superintendent of the UPCI and pastor of Revival Center in Modesto; Jerry Jones, General Secretary of the UPCI; Gordon Mallory, pastor of The Sanctuary in Maui, Hawaii; and Lee Stoneking, international evangelist from Malta, New York. Ladies Day at Landmark will be held on Thursday and is always a highlight for all women in attendance at the conference, as well as many others who drive to Stockton for the day’s events. This year Joy Haney, Kim Haney, and Barbara Willoughby will lead and minister during this event. A special feature for the ladies this year will be the ministry of Pastor Nathaniel Haney to cap off a day of powerful ministry.

Even the children are included in this annual conference with special Kid’s Landmark services on Wednesday and Thursday evenings on the West Lane campus. CLC Children’s Pastor Brent Regnart will coordinate these wonderful events for the younger set of the congregation.

Other events and meetings will take place during the week, including an Alumni Luncheon that will be held on the campus of Christian Life College on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 PM. This luncheon is our special gift to the alumni of Western Apostolic Bible College (WABC, 1949-1979) and Christian Life College (CLC, 1980 to present). Alumni President Richard Bishop, pastor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will host this annual gathering of alumni and friends. Another special event is a Pastor’s Luncheon that will be held on Thursday afternoon, also on the West Lane campus. More details will be given in the Global Impact sessions on Thursday.

Plan to come, participate, and be blessed by this conference and the special fellowship of like-minded believers who come to Landmark conference each year.


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